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Environmental Management and Landscape Architecture
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C. Brad Peterson Environmental Management and Landscape Architecture offers integrated, multi-disciplinary design solutions in permaculture, sustainable land management, environmental design and landscape architecture. Brad has over 25 years experience in private and public sectors for large and small projects in urban and rural settings.  No project too big or too small.

We are glad to answer your inquiries about permaculture and our professional Landscape Architecture design and implementation services. Call us anytime at 519 375-6325, or send e-mail to brad.edc37@gmail.com.

Sustainable Landscapes and Conservation Development
New urbanism or true smart growth provides many opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint through lifestyle changes and evolution of built form. Eco-village and solar home projects include design elements of a new 'solar landscape'. This innovative landscape style incorporates integrated site planning, enhanced storm water management, water, energy and resource use and reuse systems and waste treatment using biological processes, with protection of biodiversity and cultural resources, four-season organic food production and many other intriguing elements.
Property Environmental Management and Land Stewardship, Trails 
Integrated land management solutions are based on a host of environmental, social and economic considerations, which include sustainable forestry, reforestation, trail systems, education and research opportunities, organic agriculture, permaculture design, ecological restoration, protection of species at risk, soil erosion and sedimentation control, view and vista management, naturalization and fine landscape design.
Civil Engineering Project Support
Mr. Peterson serves on multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering consulting teams that provide a variety of environmental, facility development, project approval, and construction administration services for government agencies, municipalities, and the private sector. In addition to providing input on grading, drainage, environmental design and landscape design, Brad manages projects and co-ordinates input of associates from a variety of specialized disciplines. Highways and organic farms are a specialty.
Visioning, Landscape Planning and Design, Research, Mapping, Reporting
Design facilitation and visioning exercises precede landscape master planning and site design. This process results in an integration of environmental protection and landscape design with architecture, circulation, and servicing infrastructure. Organic land-based production systems are optional. Research, report preparation, mapping and CAD-based drafting services are provided.
Residential Design
Residential projects often allow for distinctly unique and creative design opportunities.  Scale of these projects vary from condominium balconies to standard residential lots, to large acreage estates.  Sustainable landscape elements such as xeriscape, low-maintenance borders, herbal lawns, edible landscapes and water reuse features can make residential landscapes more interesting, energy and resource-use efficient, and ecologically friendly.
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"Your design solutions for a diverse
and healthy world.